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A Professional Bio

Have you ever had to write a professional biography about yourself yourself? Generally speaking people write professional bios when applying for a job, seeking a committee or board appointment or to create an introduction when speaking at a professional function. Your bio is an advertisement for you; what you’ve accomplished, what awards you may have won, your business credentials and how you have given to your profession or community. Sometimes your bio needs to be extensive and at other times just a short paragraph depending on how the bio will be used. I believe it is imperative that every professional have a bio of themselves.

Often we find it hard to write about ourselves. To “sell” our credentials and experience. In the business world there will be many times that you will need to market or promote yourself. There are those that may feel they don’t have much to list. However, after some introspection most people can come up with a list of things they have accomplished, organizations they have volunteered with. It’s just a matter of getting it all down on paper. I have always kept a list of what I accomplished and when. Thinking back it was my high school councilor that told me to do so when I was applying for college scholarships. This would be the point where most youth would start to keep track of what clubs, awards or athletic accomplishments they generated in school. College is also a time when many individuals start to “join in”. College students who are nearing graduation realize they will need present not only their degree to a prospective employer but show employers that they have been involved in in their community.

Updating my bio yesterday reminded me that I have accomplished much and given of my time over the years. Usually I end up getting involved in an organization with encouragement from a friend or colleague. The last time I updated it was last Fall when I was receiving an award. This time I am applying for membership in an industry organization. The only difficulty I find in writing a bio about yourself is in determining is it “enough information” or “too much information.” I try to keep in mind keep in mind just who my audience is.

After searching the net for articles on “how to write a professional Bio” I discovered a few sites that I felt gave the best advice:




A few short REALTOR work related excerpts from my bio include:

In November of 1996 Kim returned to Silver City and accepted the job as association executive of the SCGC Board of REALTORS ®. It was a part-time job that was extended to full-time upon her hiring. As the Association Executive she serves as chief executive officer or business manager of the association and multiple listing service. She is responsible to the association and MLS board of directors for the effective conduct of association affairs and ensure that the organizational goals are achieved. Within that framework, the association executive plans, organizes, coordinates, controls and directs association programs and activities. In 2003 Kim’s job duties were expanded to include the position and title of Government Affairs Director. As such, she serves as the coordinator for all association activities in the legislative, governmental and political arenas as directed by the board of directors. The GAD protects the interests of the association members and the real estate industry in legislative matters on the local, state and national levels. She works to boost member involvement in legislative issues as well as assist the RPAC chair in raising political action contributions.

Organizational Involvement:

· REALTORS ® Association of New Mexico, Association Executive committee chairperson 2002-2004, served on the Strategic Planning committee 2003 and 2006, currently serve on the Legislative committee; chair the telecommunications, electronic commerce and license law work group, participate in the affordable housing task force, the economic development and fair housing work group and the subdivision task force.

Personal achievements and honors:

· Received a scholastic achievement award from the National Association of REALTORS ® in 2005 for REALTOR ® association management.

· Recipient of the 2006 William D. North AE Institute Scholarship from the National Assoc of REALTORS ®

· In 2006 awarded the national Omega Tau Rho medallion of service from the state and national REALTOR ® associations.

Maybe it is time to look at your Professional Bio.

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