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2007 New Mexico Legislative Recap

The special session called by Gov. Richardson ended on March 30th. Lawmakers wrapped up their special session Friday after approving just two of the seven proposals sought by Gov. Bill Richardson: roughly $180 million for road projects and a new publicly funded campaign system for some judicial candidates. While we did not get everything we wanted, this special session was successful because we worked together to address urgent needs in our communities, Richardson said in a written statement. I will be back next legislative session to push hard for the rest of our ethics reform package, tougher meth and domestic violence laws and civil protections for all New Mexicans. All of these issues will be on the agenda for the 2008 session.

Of special note to homeowners and REALTORS ® is that the special session failed to create a state registry of property used to make methamphetamine (HB 3).

I served on the REALTORS ® Association of New Mexico 2007 Legislative Committee. We tracked 226 bills. There were 9 affordable housing bills, 39 bills regarding consumer protection, land grants and real estate financing, 8 relating to economic development, 16 on eminent domain, 9 relating to environment and natural resources, 22 targeted government regulation and antitrust issues, 5 focused on methamphetamine laboratory disclosure issues, 8 dealt with issues relating from the septic tank regulations, 3 would have changed or reviewed provisions in the NM Subdivision Act, 15 were tax related, 4 dealt with telecommunication, electronic commerce, and license law, and last, but not least, 39 dealt with various water issues.

RANM drafted two bills this session. Senate Bill 1056 Transfer Tax barred and House Bill 730 Criminal Offenses Impact Real Estate Licensure. The transfer tax passed the Senate Judiciary Committee, the Senate Finance Committee and received a 36-4 floor vote. However, it was given three House committee assignments and died in committee in the last days of the session. HB 730 would have amended the Criminal Offender Act so that the Real Estate Commissioners would not have had to prove non-rehabilitation in order to deny a RE license to an applicant that had been convicted of sexual crimes against children. The bill died as the House Business and Industry Committee strongly endorsed addressing the issue through a rules change.

The State association was also strong supporters of HB 393/SB 401 – Elimination of Eminent Domain for Municipal Redevelopment purposes. HB 827 – Surface Owners Protection Act and SB 923 Real Estate Transaction Funding Deadlines. RANM worked to get the Municipal League to not introduce Airport Proximity Disclosure. Overall, we didn’t see any legislation pass that would have adversely impacted our industry.

Partial Source: RANM Preliminary Post-Session Legislative Report

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