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9th Anniversary: Beverly's Story

Sept. 25 marks the ninth anniversary of Beverly Carter, a former Arkansas REALTOR®, being kidnapped and killed in 2014 while showing a home.

What Beverly didn’t know was that her clients – a man and a woman who had identified themselves as a relocating, married couple – weren’t looking to buy a home. They had a sinister plot in mind to use Beverly to get quick cash. What started as a great day ended tragically. Beverly was kidnapped; her captors intended to obtain ransom money from her family. When the ransom didn’t go as planned, Beverly’s kidnappers became her murderers. She was killed in an attempt to cover up their initial crimes. “I wanted her gone”… words spoken by one of the murderers in the January 2016 trial. When asked “Why Beverly?” her killer explained that she was “a woman that worked alone — a rich broker.” Beverly’s death was a devastating tragedy to her husband, children, grandchildren, extended family, and her many friends. Although Beverly had followed many industry-standard safety protocols, it wasn’t enough. Within the industry she loved, Beverly’s murder catapulted a national conversation about safety to the forefront of real estate organizations.

Learn more at the Beverly Carter Foundation:


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