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C2EX Has Gone Mobile

It's official! The The New C2EX App Experience is up and running and can be downloaded via

You can access C2EX, NAR’s innovative professional endorsement program, as a mobile app—anywhere, anytime—along with a digital coach who assists and motivates you on your endorsement journey.

It's been a BIG year for C2EX and there's a lot to be proud of! With C2EX you have the freedom to design a training strategy that works with your schedule and access practical, concise content that you can incorporate easily into your daily tasks.

The new digital coach for the C2EX program assists you in ranking the subjects most appropriate for your own development. Your digital coach provides continuous direction, advice, and point-of-need support along your trip.

Additionally, the new C2EX app directs you toward real life experiences that offer crucial chances for using your knowledge in practical settings.


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