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New Mexico Property Tax – Head of Family Exemption

The Head of Family exemption may be granted upon application to an individual New Mexico Resident who is either: (1) Married, (2) Widow or Widower, (3) Head of Household, or (4) A head of household furnishing more than one-half the cost of support of any related person, (5) A Single person, provided it is the primary home and they reside in the home. The amount of the exemption is $2,000.00 and is applied against the net taxable value of property.

In other words, anyone (only one per household) is eligible for the $2,000 head-of-family exemption off the value of your real property for property tax purposes, BUT YOU MUST ASK FOR IT.

Once the exemption is granted, it is retained for subsequent years without having to reapply. If the property changes owners, the exemption will be removed at the beginning of the following year.

Call your county assessor’s office to request the exemption for next year.

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