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Comprehensive Plan Surveys

The Town of Silver City and Grant County have embarked on an update process to their Comprehensive Plans. The Town began with community meetings in the Fall of 2016 and the County brought together a group of stakeholders at the end of 2016.

The Town of Silver City is facilitating the Plan update under the direction of the Community Development Department Director, Jamie Embick. The first meetings were community meetings where residents were invited to participate in meetings within their district boundaries. In these meetings residents identified priorities. The second set of meetings were held to further identify priorities. Now, the Town is asking residents to complete a brief online survey - click here. At the end of February the Steering Committee will meet to review the results of the survey. I serve on this committee representing the housing interest.

To read the Town of Silver City’s complete comprehensive plan, click here. The Town’s Community Development Department uses policy tools such as the Town of Silver

City’s Land Use Code to implement the comprehensive plan.

Grant County has also held a stakeholder meeting to lay the ground work for the Plan update. The County has hired Bohannan Huston, Planner, Aaron Sussman to facilitate their update process utilizing a transects approach. Transects are a planning approach that organizes zones or districts around common characteristics. The idea is to create an easy to understand system that depicts the intensity of activity and the built environments across the county, ranging from natural or undeveloped areas to more urban settings such as Silver City. The transects could influence the location of the following services or activities: waste management, emergency services, senior citizen centers, parks, cell tower locations, flood plain issues, renewable energy development sites and more. General discussion items included role of regulation in the county, the Town's comprehensive plan, Extraterritorial Jurisdiction, transportation infrastructure and economic development, business support and creation, law enforcement, housing, tourism, and coordination with Forest Service. I am serving on the stakeholder group in the county plan update process representing housing.

Grant County has also created an online survey for county residents to complete based upon the transects and discussion items - click here.

Both of the links to these surveys have been posted on our Facebook page as well as the homepage to the MLS. Please take a minute and complete these surveys and give input to the direction of the Town and County.

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