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REALTOR Advocacy Month 2017

Why Vote, Act, Invest?

As a Government Affairs Director, I see how action—or inaction—by elected officials can negatively affect REALTORS®, their clients and homeowners.

REALTORS® need to focus on their business without worry that another unnecessary burden will affect their livelihood. These burdens may include ordinances banning or placing fees on For Sale signs, over regulation or a sales tax on service that equals a further tax on commission. Home buyers and sellers need to focus on getting the best deal they can and do not need to be worried about a possible transfer tax that will diminish their bottom line. These burdens are easier to avoid when our supporters, aka REALTOR® Champions, are elected to office.

REALTORS® don’t merely sell property, they sell communities. Whether those communities are residential or commercial, clients look for good schools, sound infrastructure, reasonable cost of living, low property taxes and other variables that are affected by who is in office. Involvement in the political process ensures that REALTORS® have a quality community to sell because of quality elected officials.

Advocacy is about electing REALTOR® Champions. It is not about whether they are a "R" or a "D". It is how they will support business, fair taxes and work to preserve private property rights.




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