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Annual Election Notice

Elections will be held Thursday, November 12, 2020

The official notice has been posted on the MLS homepage and in the membership newsletter.

Nominations for the Association Board:

Vote by the Membership

Robin Thomas, President; Cassie Carver, Pres-Elect; Dina Patton, Treasurer;

Marisa Villegas, Secretary; Nikki O’Connell, Past-President Director;

Danna Stout and Lynette Holguin, Directors.

Nominations for the MLS Board:

Vote by the MLS Participants (Qualifying Brokers)

Dana Carlsen, President; Pat Fell, Pres-Elect; Dina Patton, Treasurer;

Cassie Carver, Secretary; Rosalee Sirgany, Past President Director;

Sandra Hicks and A.J. Sandoval, Directors.


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