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Give Your Safety the Attention You Deserve

September is REALTOR® Safety Month, and there's no better time to reassess your safety protocols and make safety a top-of-mind priority.

The reality in real estate is that there are some real threats when working in the field, and it's crucial to be prepared. The 2022 REALTOR® Safety Survey highlights alarming statistics of the potential dangers REALTORS® face while on the job:

  • 45,000 REALTORS® were victims of a crime while performing their duties.

  • 300,000 REALTORS® felt fear for their safety while on the job.

  • 400,000 REALTORS® don’t have safety protocols in place to protect themselves.

Here's how NAR's REALTOR® Safety Program can make a significant difference in your safety:

Resources, tools and tips: proven techniques from field professionals to stay aware and prepared, ensuring your safety at all times.

Boost confidence: empower yourself with information and tools to handle challenging situations in the field effectively.

Free Live Webinars: join our REALTOR® Safety Month webinar on Sept. 13th, 11:00 am MST, and learn how to detect threats through situational awareness. [Register Here]

Safety is a healthy habit that could save your life. So, don’t wait until the worst happens, and be prepared with measures to cut down the chances of becoming a target.

Remember, the real value in real estate is YOU.

*REALTORS® are members of the National Association of REALTORS®.


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