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Granting access just got more flexible with Master Lock

Master Lock® Vault Enterprise® now includes: a new adjustable code rollover time feature as well as an optional monthly subscription that gives you more detailed access control on individual locks. Visit the FAQ page to get started and learn everything there is to know about configurable codes. Click here!

(new) Configurable Temporary Code in Vault Enterprise

The Configurable Temporary Code is a monthly feature subscription in Master Lock Vault Enterprise. This is a paid feature to upgrade the Temporary Code lock settings by configuring the temporary code duration. This feature can be used in tandem with the new configurable temporary code rollover time setting allowing detailed control over how your lock’s temporary code is set up and customized to your needs.

SUBSCRIBE NOW for even more flexibility and control ($3 per lock/month)

master lock vault enterprise screenshot

Reach out to SCRMLS (administrator) today to find out your options for subscription.


Have you updated your lockbox from the previous update? It is easy to do!

  • Open your app while standing next to your lockbox

  • Find your device ID in the app

  • Click update firmware

  • Click the home button on the box

  • Your app will show the update

  • The lock will click as it is updating

  • This process takes about a minute

  • You will see an update complete message in the app

(previous 2023 update) Standard Feature - available after updating!

Adjustable Code Rollover Time

Choose the start times of your Temporary Access Code


The Silver City Regional AOR/MLS sells MasterLock 5440 Bluetooth boxes to our members. We only have 10 left to sell at our cost, which is around $150 less than it would cost to purchase these boxes at other locations (includes Box and Showingtime integration)!

Did you know that you can purchase a MasterLock 5440 Bluetooth wrap? We didn't know about this option until today! Learn more here.

Many thanks to our members who have purchased boxes from us over the years!


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