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Homesnap Showings

Homesnap Showings is a new, modern showing management tool that is included at no additional cost to your Homesnap Pro account, which is an SCRMLS membership benefit.

Here are some of the most important features to start exploring:

  • Easy-to-customize settings: When you have a new listing, set up your showing rules in just a few clicks. Set your availability, confirmations needed, notification preferences, and access details from one place.

  • Go live in one click: Once you’ve customized your showing, simply click the “Accepting Showings” toggle to tell the world your listing is available to show. Toggle your showing off just as easily when you accept an offer.

  • Manage approvals from anywhere: Whether in your car, at a showing, or at your desk, you can approve or decline showing requests directly from notifications.

  • Automated feedback and reporting: Strategically timed, automatic reminders are sent following the showing and increase responses from the buyer’s side.

  • Instant bookings for buyer’s agents: Preset by the listing agent, all available times are presented for you to select quickly and seamlessly.

  • Optimized itineraries and smart routing: Build the ideal showings itinerary for your buyer, then see the best path automatically mapped out for you.

You can use Showings NOW! If you LIKE this product let Kim, or a Board member know. We want your feedback!


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