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New webinar will help make you more successful® has invited everyone to attend its Apples to Oranges, the difference webinar. This webinar was created to make you more successful in today’s ultra competitive real estate market by showing you how to take advantage of the difference. You will also learn how products and services are designed to keep you at the heart of the homebuyer and seller journey.

What your REALTOR® colleagues are saying…

"This presentation totally changed my impression of Thank you." (attendee, New York Association of REALTORS®)

"Appreciate the tips and direction to have a good on-line presence through" (attendee, Michigan REALTORS®)

“Made me realize I need to update my profile and become more acquainted with their services. I love that they are trying to keep the realtor relevant.” (attendee, Minnesota REALTORS®)

Some of the topics covered in Apples to Oranges, the difference:

  • Who is® and why should it matter to you;

  • How the National Association of REALTORS® and are connected;

  • How the® vision supports REALTORS® for the long term;

  • How® differs from other portals and how that benefits you; and

  • Free tech tools and resources for you because you’re a REALTOR® member

Click here to pick a day and time to attend a live session


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