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Paragon - 5.83 Release Notes


Paragon Release 5.83

June 2 The Silver City Regional MLS wanted you to be the first to know about the latest enhancements to your Paragon MLS System. All enhancements are designed to help you navigate through the system and enhance your experience with Paragon. Below is a list of the enhancements and links to view videos or PDFs of the new features. We encourage you to continue reading and let us know what you think on the Paragon MLS Facebook site. Also make sure you click “Like” on the Facebook site to view what’s new with Paragon more frequently.


  • Update notification end date on Agent Recommendation With this enhancement, any time you add a new listing to the Agent recommended cart, the system willcheck the notification end date and automatically extend the notification end date for another year if the end date has passed.

  • Update Toggle Switch Style Reversed the toggle switch to align with the industry standard (thumb is to the right when on) and added ref ined color and mouse-over effects to provide action affordability.

  • Disabled Notifications for an Inactive Client The notifications in Collaboration Center are now disabled whenever a contact goes from active to inactive. This will prevent notifications from auto sending when a contact is no longer active with the agent.

  • Verbiage update for listing syndication user preferences We have clarified the instruction text and the permission column header in user preferences for listing syndication to help explain the process.

  • Renamed “Default T/OH” label in Tour and Open House reports tree To help clarify the labels for Tour and Open House defaults in the reports tree we have renamed them to be more consistent.

  • Multi-Select Integrations available in Paragon Connect We’re happy to announce that users can select and take third-party actions on multiple records from Paragon Connect search results.

  • Accessing your last five (5) searches This is synced with Paragon Classic so the five searches you see are from either system. The folder icon now opens a drawer instead of going directly to the load search dialog.

  • Preferred Phone number on Paragon Connect Detail Report If a user chooses a phone number and check “Display this phone number...” it will display the selected phone number on the Paragon Connect detail report.

  • Texting Detail Report Phone Number If a number is supplied, Paragon Connect will display the texting button on the report. The texting feature will use the phone number supplied in the mobile preference setting.

  • Pencil Icon added to Paragon Connect Full listing edit is just around the corner. In Paragon Connect, if you have the proper permissions, you can edit a listing or photo from any search result. This new icon is a pencil and it will host any future listing edit options.

  • Edit Photos Prior to the 5.83 release, the ability to edit a photo was tied to a security configuration to enable full listing edit. You will now be able to edit photos from Paragon Connect provided you have the proper photo permissions.

  • Collaboration Center – Change Search radius to an Input Field and Change Default to 1 mile/km For Contacts who can create their own searches in Collaboration Center, they will now find the Address Search’s Radius field easier to use.

  • Collaboration Center – Consumer Mortgage Center Black Knight is excited to announce the new enhanced Mortgage Center within the Collaboration Center! We have updated the mortgage calculator, and with Black Knight’s recent acquisition of Optimal Blue.

Read the full Report with details here.

Paragon 5.83
Download PDF • 681KB


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