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Paragon: New Price Analysis Widget

Black Knight is very excited to announce the release of the Price Analysis feature, which can be used by agents to determine pricing by viewing the Potential Buyers and any available AVMs if enabled. The feature can be accessed from the menu bar of the Listing Input Form for a current Full, Partial or Subject Property Listing.

Clicking the option will launch an interactive modal displaying the Potential Buyers in Paragon.

The Potential Buyers are based on contacts whose saved search notifications include search criteria that match the listing in focus.

Armed with the Potential Buyers and the AVMs, agents can enter a New Price into the interactive widget and click the Recalculate Buyers to determine the effective change on potential buyers.

From here, the agent can click the “Use New Price” button and the widget will auto-pop the new price onto the form or they can close the widget to end. This will be an incredible tool that agents can show clients or potential clients to help determine pricing and/or to help motivate to list.

And there’s more to come! Coming in 5.87, we’ll be adding another metric to the Price Analysis widget called Location Score, which will display the relative hotness of the postal area for the listing compared to other postal areas.


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