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In the current Covid-19 pandemic many of our elderly are shut in in nursing homes with very little contact to the outside world. Social isolation is impacting everyone, in every nursing home around the country because people are stuck in their rooms which research shows can undermine their physical and mental health.

"I was visiting with a very good friend Janis who is a Nurse at Ft. Bayard Medical Center about how things were going with residents. She said they were struggling with not being able to have visits from family and friends." She went on to say that the caregivers were trying to schedule video visits with family members and residents as they could on their own personal phones. That's when Association Executive Kim Clark decided to ask the Board of Directors of the Silver City Regional Association of REALTORS® if they would donate tablets to provide a video conference resource for residents, families and staff.

Says Clark, "I have a vested interest in what happens at Ft. Bayard as my grandmother spent the last three years of her life at the Medical Center. Her roommate was also the mother of one of our REALTORS®, Linda Rowse. My grandmother had macular degeneration. So, she would not have been able to view any kind of video conferencing on a cell phone screen and would have been despondent without family visits."

"I am really proud to be a part of an organization that is supporting the wonderful residents and staff at Ft. Bayard Medical Center during this time. We cannot forget about them!" stated Linda Rowse, REALTOR®.

The Silver City Regional Association of REALTORS® Board of Directors met on July 16 and voted to purchase 2 Fire HD 10" tablets for the FBMC staff to connect residents and families. Board members include Nikki O'Connell, Robin Thomas, Cassie Carver, Dina Patton, LJ Lundy, Danna Stout and Marisa Villegas.

Association Executive Kim Clark delivered the tablets this morning. "On behalf of our REALTOR® board members who could not be here for the photo op due to the pandemic we are proud to be able to assist FBMC." Stated Clark.

Pictured Left to Right, Janis Garner, RN E-Unit Manager, Todd Winder, Facility Administrator, Kim Clark, and Trish Rhodes, LBSW.


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