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Reporting a Correction in SCRMLS

Sometimes it is necessary to report an error in other members' listings. Making a report is an easy process, but knowing when to isn’t always as simple. We have systems in place to help ensure the accuracy of MLS data, but we also allow users to report errors to the MLS office in Paragon.

If you spot an error in a listing, you can click the Correction button located above the listing details.

When you click Correction you will get a screen that says: Please provide a detailed description of what needs to be reviewed or corrected in this listing and then click Send. This email will be sent to the Administration staff for review. Thank you.

Before You Report. Many error reports we receive turn out not to be violations. It can be tricky to know whether or not a rule has been broken. Contacting the listing broker or asking your qualifying broker is a great first step to take if you think something might not be right.

What Happens Next

  • When we receive a report, staff reviews the report and creates a case if there could be a violation.

  • Research is done using a multitude of resources. At times more information may be required from the listing agent.

  • When the research is completed, the case is closed with an outcome of either non-penalty violation, penalty violation or not a violation.

  • If the research is complicated or staff needs more input the SCRMLS Board of Directors will be consulted for guidance.

Non-Penalty Violations are primarily factual errors that lead to inaccurate listing data and often affect other fields or calculations within the listing. These violations do not incur a penalty. Staff sends the listing broker an email asking for the broker to make corrections. Penalty violations are items listed on the Citation Policy; these violations are those that cannot be corrected, or even if they are corrected may have already caused some degree of irreversible damage. The MLS Board will send a letter of warning or a fine for a penalty violation. An appeal process is noticed in the SCRMLS Citation Policy.


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