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RPR's Learning Center

You’ve heard the news! RPR’s refreshed website is a breath of fresh air for REALTORS®. Simplified and reorganized, the transformed site offers new and productive ways to wow clients and close more deals.

Before you jump in, check out RPR’s new Learning Center. There you’ll find on-demand video tutorials and webinars that will bring you up to speed on how to navigate the site and take advantage of its new tools and features.

We suggest starting with the video tutorial series, Beyond the Basics. Begin with the three-minute tour of the refreshed RPR homepage, then move to other tutorials such as My Markets, Property and Map Search/Analysis, Pricing a Property, and Reports, among others. We’re certain you will learn to perform all of your real-estate related tasks with ease.

Beyond that, let the Learning Center take you into a half-dozen new webinars for a deeper dive into RPR’s CMAs, prospecting, researching and more. From its intuitive navigation, you can choose how and what you want to learn. It’s that simple!


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