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SCRMLS Announces Status Definitions

The Silver City Regional MLS went live with new statues, and definitions, in Paragon MLS on Wednesday, August 24. The purpose of the new status labels and definitions is part of a longer process in moving our MLS data to RESO standards.

Here are the new statuses and their definitions:


  • Incomplete: The listing has yet to be completely entered and is not yet published in the MLS.

  • Active: The listing is on the market and an offer has not been accepted.

  • Hold: The listed property has been temporarily taken off the market, but a listing contract still exists.

  • Active Under Contract: An offer has been accepted, but the listing is still on the market.

  • Pending: An offer has been accepted, and the listing is no longer on the market.

  • Closed: The purchase agreement or lease agreement has been fulfilled or executed.

  • Canceled: The listing contract has been terminated.

  • Expired: The listing contract has expired.

This change was implemented by the staff at Paragon with minimal disruption. Now, begins work on mapping more SCRMLS data to the RESO Data Dictionary.


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