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UPDATE! Continuing Education Courses - Live or via Zoom!

October 12 - Just updated our delivery to either Live or via Zoom!

LIVE: Mask or no mask - your choice!

ZOOM: You must be on camera 90% of the class time to get CE credit!

Taxes & Your Real Estate Business

4 Elective Credit Hours - LIVE class on October 25

Now is the time to start on your 2021 taxes!!

Taxes are a given in life. Your real estate business can have numerous taxes associated with it. Learn about the State of NM gross receipts taxes, income taxes, & misc. taxes to federal income taxes to local lodgers’ taxes. Great class for the new associate broker to the long-time qualifying broker.

Carolyn Hallett is the only instructor teaching this class. She was a State of NM tax auditor & bureau chief for 24 years.

Wells & Septics: A Broker's Guide to Regulations

4 hours of NMREC Core Elective CE - LIVE course on October 26.

Learn general & broker information about wells & septics. We will go over 1) a line by line review of NMAR forms; 2) State & Local laws; & 3) practical tips on educating your seller & buyer. It is imperative that brokers understand these regulations & how to best represent both buyers & sellers with regards to properties that have a well &/or septic system.

Carolyn Hallett is the instructor.


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