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Western Institute for Lifelong Learning

Dear Realtors,

The board of WILL is hoping that you are aware of and are informing potential newcomers to the area about our organization. I know when my husband and I were looking to relocate here a few years ago that WILL helped cement our decision to buy and settle in Silver City.

We have brochures that we would gladly share with your office. The WILL office manager’s hours are listed below, please utilize us in helping to inform your clients about one of the great institutions available to all ages of residents and potential residents.

An introductory note on WILL is below. You are welcome to email me with any questions, .

Best Regards,

Trish Kirchhoff

Communications Chair, WILL

WILL, the Western Institute for Lifelong Learning, is based in Silver City, NM. WILL is an intentional community fostering friendships, challenging the mind, body and spirit while exploring creativity and self-expression. We offer experiences in lifelong learning and opportunities for volunteering that optimize life’s potential, satisfy personal curiosities, and enrich members' lives.

Who Are We? Since 2005, in partnership with Western New Mexico University, WILL has assembled the curiosity, life stories and conviviality of a community of people living in southwestern New Mexico. Most members, but certainly not all, have lived in lots of different places before landing in New Mexico. For many of us, our families live far away. WILL therefore serves a vital social purpose in addition to engaging our intellects.

What Do We Do? WILL offers courses led by persons interested in and knowledgeable of the topics they're presenting. The social events we hold revel in members' contributions. Dues are deliberately kept low. Scores of people donate their time and talents to keep us going, and we have but one paid, very essential staff person. Through volunteering, our members find connection, stimulation, friendship, and community.

Where is WILL? In the southwestern part of New Mexico, Silver City is a bustling town with a diverse business and artist community and an award-winning historic downtown. In this small but vibrant town, WILL enjoys an essential partnership with Western New Mexico University. The four-year university gives us classroom space, large lecture halls as needed, and the infinite resources of the faculty and library. We occupy Rhoda House, a small house on the edge of campus for our office, meetings, and some course locations.

Location: WNMU Campus, Rhoda House, 104 Rhoda Road

Office Hours: Tuesday-Thursday, 9:00am-3:00 pm

Contact: Phone 575-538-6835, Website:


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