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Zip Code Matters - Documentary

As Fair Housing Month Kicks off, watch this short documentary titled Zip Code Matters.

The video was produced by the Toledo Fair Housing Center and is a 28-minute documentary that sheds light on the serious impact of zip code and how it affects the quality of life, be it in terms of education, employment, or access to clean water and food. It highlights the obstacles that low-income communities and communities of color have to face to live a quality of life. A more concerning issue is how a person's place of residence impacts their life span.

Since its release, the documentary has been the official selection of 18 film festivals. The Las Vegas Film Festival awarded the documentary the Hero Award and Film Maker of the Year Award. It was the semi-finalist in the Los Angeles Film Awards and Better Cities Film Festival named it Best Short Documentary.

The Toledo Fair Housing Center has a goal is to reach a million views!


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