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How-to Register for Paragon Academy

Step 1: Visit this site and click on “Sign up here!” to register.

>> Use this site to register AND log back in at any time.

Step 2: After clicking on “Sign up here!”, complete all of the “User Registration” information. “Student Number” is NOT required.

Step 3: Once form is filled out, accept the terms and then click on “Confirm”.

Step 4: After account is created, a “Success!” confirmation message appears.

Now the user can sign in with the credentials just created.

Step 5: Add Paragon Academy to your courses with the access code.

The access code can be found on our help site:

Access Code - M2L-94816-39982-paragon7

>> If the “Redeem” box does not appear upon login, click on “Redeem” in the menu to find the access code box. You will find the access code on our helpsite.

Step 6: Click on a course to begin. Users will receive a certificate for completing each course. The Access Code will register the user for all Paragon courses available.

>> Users should check with their MLS/Board/Association/Organization to see what courses are required for their group. For SCRMLS only the Paragon Academy is required. All courses are offered for free to all users!

Step 7: Click on your name at the top and then “Log out” when you are done.

Step 8: After logging out, users are returned to the “Sign In” screen.

>> Bookmark this URL to use this to log in again at any time.

>>>Don't forget to send the completion certificate to SCRMLS.<<<


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