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Local MLS Broker Marketplaces vs. Abroad

U.S. model rules and local MLS broker marketplaces vs. abroad

At news, the National Association of REALTORS® shares stories about why the United States MLS model is the envy of other countries along with insights from places such as Romania, Israel and Ireland.

In other places that operate differently than U.S. MLS broker marketplaces:

  • Information on homes is less accurate, less reliable and more scattered across real estate sites.

  • Buyers and sellers have less choice among brokerages, services and commissions.

  • Out of pocket expenses for buyers are greater and threaten the ability for buyers to afford a home and professional representation.

  • Sellers have fewer potential buyers seeing their homes.

  • Small brokerages struggle to compete with larger competitors and stay in business.

  • The real estate marketplace and associated listings are disorganized, fractured and less reliable forcing consumers to piecemeal information together.

Additional Article: Why the US MLS system is the envy of other countries, 7/26/21 - HousingWire


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