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New Member CE Reminder

New SCRAR members that joined in 2021 were sent the following reminder via email today!


A reminder! I highly encourage you to download the CE tracking sheet below. Also, I've included a link to the Core course Planning Guide.

DOWNLOAD>>>>> the CE Tracking sheet from NMREC here! Also, the Core Course Planning Guide here.

You must have a 4-hour Core course for every year you are licensed. Example, 2021 Core, 2022 Core, 2023 Core. If you have not taken it this year GAAR has it scheduled via Zoom every few weeks through the remainder of 2021. LCAR has it scheduled for in-person on Nov 19. The penalty for not completing this requirement is to take the 30-hour Broker Basics course for ZERO credit.

We have the 2022 Core course scheduled for February 8, 2022.

Do not forget your New Broker Business Practices Class in the first year (12-months)!

The CE requirements for license renewal are very confusing. I hope these resources help you.




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