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Safety Should Always Be a Top Priority for REALTORS®

While we understand the critical role that REALTORS® play in assisting individuals and families in finding their dream homes, it is also important to recognize the possible hazards involved. September is REALTOR® Safety Month. REALTORS® should always prioritize their safety. We can create a safer atmosphere for all real estate professionals by raising awareness about these issues and advocating safety for them and their clients.

Be Informed

The National Association of REALTORS® website contains a wealth of materials supporting REALTOR® safety, including training videos, webinars, the REALTOR® Safety Network, and numerous others. Another effective approach to stay prepared is to attend self-defense seminars or workshops given by local law enforcement. These resources offer vital knowledge and practical skills to guarantee the safety of both the REALTOR® and the customer.

Be Prepared

Gather crucial information such as a client's full name and contact information before meeting them for the first time. Have an office policy about collecting this information.

It is also recommended that you handle your new clients the same way you would any other business professional by holding an introductory meeting at the workplace or a coffee shop. This allows you to analyze the buyer's requirements while also getting to know each other in a safe, public atmosphere. Look them up online and learn everything you can about them. Share this information with a coworker or family member, and always make sure someone knows where you'll be and who you'll be meeting.

Be Mindful

Set clear boundaries with clients and maintain a professional distance. When interacting with a potential client you are unfamiliar with, avoid giving sensitive information that could jeopardize your or your loved ones' safety.

Be Aware

Parking in well-lit areas, leaving doors unlocked for a speedy getaway if necessary, and avoiding secluded places whenever feasible are all good recommendations. To increase safety, consider having another person present during showings in rural areas. Intuition is a valuable asset. Listen to your intuition if something feels odd or unsettling during a showing or open house. Always remember that it is better to be safe than sorry. Trust your intuition and, if necessary, take appropriate action.

Be Smart

Utilize technology to stay safe. Real estate focused apps such as Forewarn and Showing Beacon by Showingtime add some additional peace of mind to interacting with clients and creating safe showings. Location sharing on your smartphone is another simple and quick approach to ensure that you can always be easily discovered if you are suspected of being in danger.

REALTORS® can conduct their jobs effectively and securely by applying important safety tips, employing technology, and staying aware of potential threats. Make a year-round commitment to your safety!


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