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The Commercial Courses for Residential Brokers

Just a quick reminder about what we do; at the NCREA we have valuable training classes available to residential agents to adjoin commercial to their portfolio services. We have virtual and live classes offered per association preference and can also partner with other speakers as part of a training class for your members!

We know that in today’s market, it is highly likely that a residential agent will come across an investor during their career. When they do, will that agent know what to say? Will they feel confident talking about commercial real estate? As a residential agent myself, I didn’t know the “lingo” in commercial real estate and the investors pick up on who is educated and not educated on commercial real estate quickly.

Here is your opportunity to feel confident about commercial real estate!

Below is a brief description on a couple of our classes that we offer.

Our FREE 2-hour virtual series class consists of 4 parts:

  1. Understanding CRE Sellers and Product Types – A discussion on the various CRE product types and the investors that purchase them and WHY!

  2. Advanced Commercial prospecting – The NCREA will discuss The Buyers System, The GRID System, how to create a CRE Referral System from your RESIDENTIAL Sphere, and how to shift your business with our suggested Market of the Moment System

  3. Presenting to Investors Virtually – Have you even presented to an Investor using Zoom or Webex? The NCREA team will show you our Virtual Listing Presentation and give you tips on how to create options for your investors so that Business doesn’t stop in this shifting market

  4. Speaking the Language of investors – In today’s real estate market we know that there’s a high chance you will run into an investor. Do you know what to say? Can you turn a conversation into an appointment? This class focuses on the Language of Investors.

The virtual series class is typically held on Thursdays and is 2-hours in duration.

The Virtual CRE Series​ registration links:


We also offer a 1-Day Virtual Buyers Math Course. This course ranges from 7-8 hours in length with CE credits offered in many states. This class is designed for residential agents and brokers that want a clear understanding of the buyers’ side of the CRE Transaction.

We cover many things in this class including:

  • Creating and understanding a Buyer ROI Analysis

  • What makes a cap rate good or bad

  • The 3 types of investors and how they like to buy

  • How to speak in terms that your Investors will understand and be excited about

  • And much more!!

Click here to view a short one-minute video of our Founder and Sr. Instructor, Michael Simpson, explaining our 1-day Buyers Math Course:

Here are the registration links:


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