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SCRMLS is a wholly owned subsidiary of SCRAR, and committed to providing reliable, cooperative, credible real estate database of listing and sales information in southwest New Mexico.  ​Contact: 575-538-2665 | email | 1930 Highway 180 E, Silver City, NM 88061

Silver City Regional Multiple Listing Service


SCRMLS committed to helping our brokers, and appraisers, succeed in the competitive real estate market of today and the future. We want to see you succeed, therefore we invite you to utilize all of the resources that are offered to you as an MLS member.

About Us

The Silver City Regional Multiple Listing Service is wholly owned subsidiary of the Silver City Regional Association of REALTORS®. 

2024 SCRMLS Board of Directors:

  • President, Marissa Rowse

  • President-Elect, Dina Patton

  • Treasurer, Robin Thomas

  • Secretary, Pat Fell

  • Director, Eric Escobar

  • Director, Ruth Seawolf

  • Director, Peggy Humble

MLS Administrator, Kim Clark

The Board of Directors meet monthly on the second Thursday of the month. A Participant meeting are held annually in November, as well as throughout the year as needed. If you have an interest in serving, please contact the MLS administrator or President of the Board. The nominating committee solicits nominations beginning in August each year with elections taking place in November for positions that are open on the Board.

SCRMLS Governance


The Bylaws are the guiding document for MLS governance. Amendments shall be by the Participants of the Service, and subject to approval by the shareholder BOD. The Board may approve amendments that are mandated by NAR policy. 

MLS Rules & Regulations and Standards of Practice amendments are approved by the Board of Directors, subject to approval by the shareholder BOD.

In order to maintain a system that is efficient and provides its users accurate and timely information, it is necessary to maintain and enforce rules in a fair and unbiased manner. 


To review the full set of MLS Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, as well our Standards of Practice and Citation Policy look in the MLS Documents section of Paragon.

Any matter not specifically addressed in the SCRMLS Rules and Regulations shall be governed by the policies and procedures set forth by the National Association of REALTORS® as from time to time amended as well as the Policies and Procedures established by Silver City Regional MLS.

  • Listing Corrections can be made in Paragon by using the "Corrections" button. 

  • To make a complaint about a rule or policy violation contact the MLS Administrator via email. Only written complaints will be addressed.

  • Code of Ethics violations are subject to NAR's professional standards process through the Silver City Regional Association of REALTORS®.

MLS Rules

REALTOR® MLS policies come from both the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR MLS Policy Handbook), as well as those developed locally.


Real estate qualifying brokers and appraisers who are licensed in New Mexico make up the SCRMLS membership. Below is a list of the current MLS Participant members and their Offices.

Name    License    Office Name    Office Phone
Amini, Bijan, 19623                        Dragonfly Real Estate    575-519-9329
Arias, Darlene A, 17549                        Arias Links Realty    505-221-1521
Arnone, Joseph, 16221                        Exit Realty Horizons    575-532-5678
Bearup, Georgia L, 15635                        Mimbres Realty    575-538-3789
Castello, Sam, 20776                        Hacienda Realty    575-388-1921
Cook, Daniel D, 20474                        Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate | Silver City    575-538-0404
Fell, Patricia, 13002                        Silver Advantage Real Estate    575-538-3847
Figueroa, Jessica, 20659                        Ten-X    888-952-6393
Frazier, Shay, 20015                        Zillow, Inc.    206-424-8443

Glass, Michael, 19936                         Real Broker, LLC 855-450-0442
Greiert, Mary E, 16624                        Open Range Real Estate, LLC.    575-533-6062
Guggino, Marc,  18253                        eXp Realty, LLC    505-554-3873

Hensley, Merline, 20647                         Deming Relaty Co, LLC   575-546-8818
Holguin, Helene R, 20272                        Home Town Real Estate    575-597-4663
Hutchins, Susan, 03492-R                      Accurate Appraisal, LLC    575-522-1874
Kenneally, Joe, 839-G                        Kenneally Appraisal Svc.    575-534-2668
King, Courtney, REC-2022-1236                Redfin Corporation    505-207-4284
Lanzante, Ann, 20822                        BEX Realty, LLC    800-700-9806
Morgan, Carson, REC-2022-0658                RealPros    575-538-1096
Mundy, Karen I, 1219-G                       Mundy Appraisal Services    575-527-9260
Ortiz, Phil C, 02009-R                      Appraising New Mexico, P.C.    575-523-5552
Patton, Dina, 19067                        Gila Realty    575-388-1296
Richardson, Paul, 20493                        Keystone Real Estate & Rentals    575-313-1523
Rowse, Linda H, 20141                        Enchantment Realty    575-538-2931
Saenz, Norma, 20720                        Saenz & Smith Real Estate, Co    575-386-2363
Seawolf, Ruth D, 49006                        Ruth Seawolf & Associates, LLC Real Estate    575-590-1324
Sirgany, Rosalee, 48784                        My Real Estate Company    575-388-1449
Smith, JD, 1096-R                       Smith Appraisal, Inc.    575-388-0108
Smith, Rebecca K, 6755                         Smith Real Estate & Prop. Mgmt.    575-538-5373
Spurgeon, Dale, 14668                        Action Realty, LLC.    575-535-2286
Turner, Susan, 11129                        Wagon Wheel Realty    575-388-2692
Williamson, Julie, REC-2023-0220                Thompson Realty PC    575-538-0021
Winton, Orban W, 281-G                       Winton Appraisal Co    575-835-1857
Yurcic, Aeron, 03357-R                      Continental Appraisers    575-313-0550
Zachek, Kevin,               Ace Appraisals    575-544-4475


Integrity of data is the most precious commodity that any MLS has. Protection of the integrity of the data is a challenging task, but paramount to providing our members with the best and most accurate data in order to serve the day to day needs of the consumers that are your clients.
Data Integrity

MLS data integrity is paramount to having a successful MLS. Our Compliance Center has a lot of information including rule changes and FAQs.

Enforcement of Rules – MLS Disciplinary Guidelines


Associations of REALTORS® and their multiple listing services have the responsibility of fostering awareness, understanding, and appreciation for the duties and responsibilities of MLS participants and subscribers, and of receiving and resolving complaints alleging violations of the rules and regulations. The REALTOR® organization is firmly committed to vigorous, fair, and uniform enforcement. Enforcement achieves a number of goals. Where participants or subscribers are wrongly or mistakenly charged with violations, the hearing process provides personal and professional vindication. Where violations are determined, enforcement process educates participants and subscribers about their duties and obligations, and serves as a meaningful deterrent of future violations.


Allegations of conduct inconsistent with the rules are often viewed by respondents as threats to their professional and personal reputations. This can result not only in their mounting vigorous defenses but also, at times, to threats of legal challenge should a violation be determined and discipline imposed. Given that MLS participation can have significant economic value, associations and their MLSs need to strictly adhere to their established procedures when considering potential violations. This caution ensures that the rights of the parties will be observed, and legal exposure of associations and their MLSs will be minimized. 


At the same time, well-founded caution should not be confused with reservation, reluctance, or hesitancy. Rules become aspirations at best, and potentially meaningless, if not enforced with vigor and determination.


Fundamental to fair and consistent enforcement is reasonable and judicious use of discipline, as both an educational device and as punishment. Associations and their MLSs have a wide variety of sanctions available to them that may be imposed for violations. These range from simple letters of warning to termination of MLS rights and privileges. Between these extremes are mandatory attendance at remedial education sessions, financial penalties, probation, and suspension.


The National Association does not recommend specific penalties for certain offenses or for violations of particular rules. This is in deference to the wisdom and autonomy of the hearing panel privy to the details of complaints coming before them; in recognition of the fact that no two complaints are identical; and in view of the facts that the details of each hearing, including the experience of respondents, their history of prior violations, and mitigating or extenuating circumstances, may all come into play in determining an appropriate penalty. At the same time, there are key points to be considered with respect to imposition of discipline:

  • Discipline that can be imposed is strictly limited to those forms authorized in the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual and to any additional form authorized by the National Association’s board of directors.

  • Discipline should be commensurate with the offense. Unintentional or inadvertent violations should result in penalties designed to educate respondents about the conduct expected of them. Only authorized forms of discipline may be utilized.

  • Discipline should be progressive. The disciplinary emphasis on violations by new members or by long-standing members with no history of prior violations should be primarily educational. Repeated or subsequent violations should be addressed with more serious forms of discipline, including substantial fines, suspension, and termination of MLS rights and privileges.

  • A gray area can exist with respect to “first time violations” that are clearly not the result of ignorance or mistake but rather demonstrate flagrant disregard for the rules. While the educational aspect of enforcement cannot be disregarded, the fact that the rules exist to protect clients and customers, the public, and to ensure effective, efficient functioning of the MLS, must also be considered in determining commensurate discipline.

  • Mitigating or extenuating circumstances should be considered in determining appropriate discipline. The fact that a respondent recognizes or acknowledges inappropriate conduct or took steps to remediate or minimize harm or injury, should be considered in determining appropriate discipline.

  • Respondent’s records of earlier violations or, conversely, the fact that they have not violated the rules in the past, can be considered in determining appropriate discipline. Hearing panels cannot consider past violations in deciding whether the conduct currently complained of violates the rules.

Crafting appropriate, meaningful discipline can challenge panels that have concluded the rules have been violated. This discussion is offered as guidance, rather than as a hard and fast template, to assist panels in meeting their responsibility in ensuring the rules’ viability and vitality through vigorous and evenhanded enforcement.

SCRMLS has Rules and Regulations which include a Citation Policy. This document is easily accessed by SCRMLS members in the MLS Documents section in Paragon MLS.

SCRMLS Statistics

Below you will find published statistical reports from SCRMLS as well as the state and national associations.

Statistical Reports
Month End Report from the Silver City Regional MLS. Includes data from our service area Grant and Hidalgo counties. There are some Catron and Luna County listings as well.

Two Year Availability


Housing availability in Grant County as of October 2023. There are 87 site-built homes listed with a median asking price of $320,000, with an average of 119 days on the market. There are 4 single-wide homes listed with a median asking price of $98,000, and 117 dom. There are 20 multi-wide homes listed with a median asking price of $230,500, and 145 dom. 0 modular & 0 condo.

Land availability in Grant County as of October 2023. There are 60 single-family lots for sale with a median asking price of $22,500, and 798 days on the market. There are 41 restricted rural lots, median asking $69,000, 406 dom. 40 unrestricted rural lots, median asking $150,000, 949 dom. 13 commercial/industrial, median asking $100,000, 568 dom.


We missed getting the full count for October of 2022. There were 188 residential listings.

Housing availability in Grant County as of October 2021. There are 69 site-built homes listed with a median asking price of $299,000, with an average of 167 days on the market. There are 7 single-wide homes listed with a median asking price of $100,000, and 44 avg dom. There are 8 multi-wide homes listed with a median asking price of $182,000, and 118 avg dom. 2 modular homes with a median asking price of $92,000 and 46 avg dom. 0 condos - 0 new construction (new class).

Land availability in Grant County as of October 2021.  There are 95 single-family lots for sale with a median asking price of $27,995, with an average of 592 days on the market. There are 73 restricted rural lots, median asking $129,000, 1103 avg dom. 59 unrestricted rural lots, median asking $69,500, avg 658 dom. 13 commercial/industrial, median asking $200,000, 316 avg dom.

(Via SCRMLS stats)

Additional Statistical Resources


  • Monthly news releases from the New Mexico Association of REALTORS® about the housing market in New Mexico. It often includes median prices and changes from the previous year. Housing Trend Reports for New Mexico (NMAR)


  • The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Existing-Home Sales Series is the premier measurement of the residential real estate market. On or about the 25th of each month, NAR releases statistics on sales and prices of existing single-family homes for the nation and the four regions. These figures include condos and co-ops, in addition to single-family homes.  Updated each month, these reports are available free of charge in two formats — PDF for easy viewing and printing and Excel for database work. more info (NAR)

​**Most reports are Adobe PDF documents. If you do not have the reader it can be downloaded here.

If you have any special needs that we can accommodate to make this website easier for you to navigate and use, please contact us at 575-538-2665 or via the email form below. We welcome your feedback, as we want to take proactive steps to address site accessibility issues. This site has enabled visual indicators, activated keyboard navigation and more.

Equal Housing Opportunity Statement: We are pledged to the letter and spirit of U.S. policy for the achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout the Nation. We encourage and support an affirmative advertising and marketing program in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin

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