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Silver City Regional Multiple Listing Service

SCRMLS is a wholly owned subsidiary of SCRAR, and committed to providing reliable, cooperative, credible real estate database of listing and sales information in southwest New Mexico.  ​Contact: 575-538-2665 | email | 1930 Highway 180 E, Silver City, NM 88061

MLS Join

Who can join and participate in the MLS?

  • A Participant is the designated MLS member. Generally, this is the Qualifying Broker or Appraiser of the office

  • Subscriber membership is offered to licensees under the participant's membership

  • Staff and unlicensed assistants participate under the membership of the participant

What are the Fees?

  • SCRMLS fees are $180.00, plus grt, per quarter for participant and subscriber members

  • The application fee for the office is a one time fee of $400, plus grt

  • At this time, staff and unlicensed assistants are not charged

  • SCRMLS charges NM gross receipts taxes on all products and services

  • **Fees subject to change by the SCRMLS Board of Directors**

What are your invoice dates?

  • SCRMLS members are emailed invoices on Dec 15, Mar 15, June 15, Sept 15

  • SCRMLS Access fee due dates are Jan 15, April 15, July 15, Oct 15

  • If payment is not received by the due date a late fee of $50 will be assessed. If not paid by the date in the late notice the office will be suspended

How do I pay my invoice?

  • An invoice will be emailed to you - the email comes from If you do not receive your invoice, check your spam filter

  • You can use the "pay now" link in the email to pay with a credit card or e-check

  • You can print out the invoice and mail the top portion with a check. Your check must be sent prior to the due date to ensure it gets to the MLS office on time

  • You can set up a credit card authorization to auto pay your quarterly invoice. It is your responsibility to let the MLS office know that you do not want to have your card used on the billing date

  • Note the billing information paragraph below for late fee and reinstatement fee language

Do you have discounted or waived fees?

  • We do not offer discounts

  • A participant may submit a fee waiver form to the MLS Board of Directors for a subscriber who participates in another MLS and will not utilize SCRMLS

Do you prorate or rebate fees?

  • No


 Are there any other fees to be aware of?

  • We do sell Master Lock boxes. We have a pricing schedule for members and non-members

  • We may assess citation fines for MLS data noncompliance. The citation policy outlined is in the SCRMLS Rules and Regulations

How do I join?

What are the Next Steps?

  • Onboarding takes 2-3 days

  • Applicants must complete the Paragon Academy prior to getting login credentials for the MLS. See Academy information in the section below

    • While awaiting their license number from the NMREC, a soon-to-be licensee can complete the Academy. As soon as they obtain their license number, submit their application or subscriber form, and paid all dues and fees, they will get access to the MLS system.

    • To be exempt from the Paragon Academy requirement, applicants who used Paragon as their primary MLS in the last year, must submit proof of use

  • All applicants whether they are a Participant, Subscriber, or staff must attend a Rules and Regulations orientation with the MLS Admin or a MLS Board member - currently these sessions are held virtually through Zoom

  • New members have 30-days to complete all requirements or MLS membership will be suspended until completion

Other New Member Resources

  • To access the Paragon Multiple Listing Service go to:, be sure to bookmark this site. When staff is setting up your login Paragon will send you a password reset email. If you miss the window to reset your password - click the forgot my password link on the homepage.

  • Instanet Forms and Transaction Desk, register first by going to use your membership number (M1#) and do a password reset. Once you go through this process the first time, you can access forms inside of Paragon. Forms are provided as a member benefit of the New Mexico Association of REALTORS®.

  • Looking for IDX or VOW information for your website? Click here.

Paragon Academy

Click here to access the Paragon Academy which is required to be completed prior to SCRMLS access. 


You do not need to take the other two courses. Just the one that says Paragon Academy and matches the logo.

Instructions & access code are here!

Paragon Academy is designed to help new users get up-to-speed on the Paragon basics.  Paragon Academy shows users the Home Page, how to use Searches, and how to work with Search Results.  Certification is offered at the end of Paragon Academy; users must save their certificate if required by their MLS.

In September 2022 the SCRMLS Board of Directors made changes to the billing and due dates for quarterly MLS fees as follows:


1. The MLS participation/access fee will be invoiced on a quarterly basis as follows: December 15, March 15, June 15, September 15, and the due date is the 15th of the following month. (Amended Sept 2022) 


2.  If payment is not received by the due date, a late fee of $50 will be assessed. A notice will be sent to the participant/subscriber that a late fee of $50 has been assessed. If a notice is sent to a subscriber, their participant will be included in the late notice. The invoice amount and late fee is due by the last day of the month of the notice date. 


3.  If the participant/subscriber’s account is not paid in full by the due date in the late notice, the participant and all subscribers under the participant will be immediately suspended from access to the service. 


4.  If suspension has occurred for a participant and all subscribers under the participant, and the participant reapplies for access to the Service, participant must pay all subscriber(s) account(s) and their own account current, pay a $100 reinstatement fee for the participant and for each subscriber, and the initial office participation fee of $400 prior to gaining access to the service. (Adopted March 2021, Amended Sept 2022)  

SCRMLS Rules & Regulations - Section 6: Service Fees

The rationale for these changes is due to abuse of the grace periods by some participants and subscribers, which allowed up to two months before a member could be suspended from the service for non-payment of fees. This new process will allow for only one late notice to be sent and if the participant/subscriber does not pay by the late notice due date, service will be suspended on the day after the late notice due date. 

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