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Deactivate a MFG title in Silver City

April 14 - I made it thru the deactivation process this morning in Silver City!!

Encourage Sellers to do this process by themselves unless they live out of town or out of state. Brokers doing it on behalf of a seller will need to obtain a Durable Power of Attorney from your seller – see attached (click here).

Any applicable documents such as original active MH title (with no lien) or application for a duplicate title, death certificates if involved with an estate etc. Green tag and permanent foundation permit. Also include a check for the DMV, check with them for fees involved.

Also needed will be a tax release (payment of property taxes will be needed since we pay in arrears) and a change of valuation from the Assessors and Clerks Office. Contact is:

Denisha Lucero Denisha will email docs to Hortencia at SC DMV and will snail mail you a hard copy Start the DMV appointment process by emailing: Juliet E. Casalduc Bureau Chief Zone B New Mexico Motor Vehicle Department Division She will schedule with the Silver City office: Hortencia Guerra Business Operations Specialist Manager Hortencia.Guerra**

I dropped off with Hortencia and she was able to process two titles within an hour for pickup. Originally I thought it was going to take a week. Whew that looks like a lot when you write it all down! Scott Florez is also a great option, especially if the active MH title is not in the current sellers name and/or needs to be found.

Robin L. Thomas Qualifying Broker Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Silver City 575.574.8798


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