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What is the RESO Web API

The RESO Web API is the modern way to transport data in the real estate industry. It is built on well-known, open technology standards so that any organization can use it to deliver or receive data quickly and efficiently.

Companies are moving away from older, deprecated data transports like RETS, and transitioning to the RESO Web API for its superior technology benefits. Technology companies report faster, more consistent, and easier adoption of new technology systems after converting. They also see much higher standardization of data via RESO’s certification standards for Data Dictionary on the Web API. The Web API is real estate’s path to efficiency and streamlined technology experiences through modern standards.

The RESO Web API moves the industry forward to widely-adopted RESTful design in use by most industries today. The Web API promotes greater access to real estate information directly from the web, mobile, social and other HTTP-based applications.

RESO uses open standards and off-the-shelf tools that are supported across industries. By ensuring standards and protocols like OData at the core of the Web API’s functionality, industry incumbents and newcomers can be assured that they’re building technology that will be well-supported in the future.



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